Postcards from the Spurs edge

Here’s an ideal Christmas gift for the Spurs fan in your life – a 50-strong postcard-style selection of Tottenham players, legends, sights and moments, from the glorious past and not-so-inspiring present.

The obvious gag is that they can be used to send SOS messages about the current hapless state of the team. ‘Wish you were here’, or perhaps ‘Wish we still had some of these players’.

It’s unlikely anyone will want to actually post these, however. The cards are prime collectible material, all contained in a handsome box.

Artist Stephen Gulbis has put together a half century of fine colour illustrations that capture the spirit of the club. Publishers VSP, (who this writer has worked with on a number of Tottenham-related titles) certainly know their way round the White Hart Lane story, and the pack comes with the club’s official seal of approval

Some of the likenesses are more impressionistic in style. Others are evoked with uncanny truthfulness. Emmanuel Adebayor is captured for artistic posterity, not lashing home a wonder goal but in sadly more familiar guise standing motionless with his hands on his hips.

Gallows humour aside there’s more than enough here for even the bitterest cynic to gaze on lovingly at more heart-warming figures and features from the Spurs story. Say what you like about Tottenham: there’s never a dull moment and this collection is a colourful tribute to the club’s ever-eventful story.

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