Remember when boxing was king. . .?

One of my new books for the autumn is When Boxing Was Boxing. It follows in the same theme as the When… series (see the Haynes site for details). Drawing on magnificent photos from the Mirrorpix collection, When Boxing Was Boxing chronicles and conveys a century of the fight game, from ring legends to grassroots brawlers, gritty mean-street venues to the glitzy and glamorous arenas – at ringside and behind the scenes.

You can buy the book here; in the meantime I am grateful to Norman Giller, Fleet-Street great, sports historian, prolific author (90 books and counting), and boxing sage for the following kind words:

“I have hundreds of boxing books in my collection. This one matches any of them for content, design and nostalgia. I hate to use clichés, but this really is a knockout of a book that will keep boxing aficionados engrossed for hours. Author Adam Powley has added a compelling narrative, and the design team have given wonderful old photographs loving treatment that makes you almost feel and taste the era in which they were taken. If you know your boxing history, you will not be able to put the book down. If you don’t know your boxing history, this will educate, enlighten and entertain you. For me, the best of Adam’s When… series, and that is saying something, because his previous microscopic looks at the world of Football and Cricket are also must-reads for anybody who enjoys the history of sport.”

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  1. Clay Moyle says:

    Adam, please email me ( as I’d like to see if you’d be interested in a swap of our respective books. I am the author of Billy Miske: The St. Paul Thunderbolt.
    Clay Moyle

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